food grade warehousing

Discover Iowa’s trusted food grade warehousing solution, Standard Distribution Co.

Our warehousing facilities are designed to meet the needs of any type of commodity. We offer flexibility to our clients through a network of USDA and FDA approved facilities totaling over 600,000 square feet.

We are fully equipped and trained to handle your requirements, including:

– AIB International managed facilities

– Exceed all sanitation requirements

– Registered with the FDA, food grade warehouse facilities

– Regular sanitation inspections with documented records

– Display Building: pallet, retail, end-of-aisle or consumer product

– Fully featured WMS (Warehouse management system)

– View inventory in real time

– System to manage aging and product recalls

– Complete Distribution and Fulfillment service

– Temperature controlled

Our expertise in storing and handling food-grade products is unparalleled, plus by eliminating your high fixed and variable costs of distribution, Standard Distribution Co. will help free up dollars for your company to spend on more strategic initiatives that drive profitability.

At Standard Distribution Co. we understand that different commodities require different storage options and that is why our state of the art facilities offer temperature controlled or ambient warehousing space. We’ve invested in our facilities to ensure complete satisfaction with our clients. Let us know what you need and we’ll find a solution that works best for you!

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