CFU Named Fastest U.S. Service Provider After Upgrades to 10 Gigabit Internet.

On Wednesday, Cedar Falls Utilities announced that 10 gigabit per second internet service is available for its customers; upgrading internet speeds that rank among the fastest in the world. That’s 400 times faster than what the Federal Communications Commission officially classifies as broadband — 25 megabits per second.

This world-class service by CFU was recently recognized by PC Mag as the fastest internet service provider in the country. 

Steve Bernard, CFU general manager said in a news release, “We are the first city in Iowa to have 10 gigabit internet service available citywide… The upgrade is a community asset that supports innovation in business, education and government in Cedar Falls.”

Currently, CFU’s standard home and business internet speed is now 250 megabits per second, which cost most customers $45.50 per month. For the new 10 gigabit service, the cost for residential customers is $117 per month. The cost for business customers is $440 per month.

The recognition from PC Mag comes by measuring internet download and upload speeds with its online speed test. In 2020, CFU ranks first among providers measured, beating out large internet providers across the country. This huge accomplishment for the community will better local businesses and position Cedar Falls companies to compete nationally for new jobs and economic growth.

Cedar Falls economic development coordinator, Shane Graham quoted, “This upgrade to 10 gigabit leads our ability to compete with the best cities in the world in terms of broadband availability, and puts us ahead of the curve for economic development opportunities.”

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